About Me

I’m a people junkie, addicted to love, life and laughter and bubbling with excitement about the opportunities placed along my windy yellow brick road.

For a quarter of my life I’ve been moonlighting as a TV presenter, hosting shows about people’s lives, their homes and dreams. I am completely obsessed with everything to do with men, women and children and have an intrinsic love of helping people achieve their dreams, a modern day nosy Mary Poppins!

I started off my TV career on a BBC prime time show helping families relocate their life’s all around the world; Get a New Life. Not bad for a first gig as a little known Northern girl hey! For two years I worked with all types of wonderfully interesting people, managed to accumulate a couple of passports and several thousand air miles as part of the deal. I still can’t believe my luck and every day thank my lucky stars, long may it continue please.

All my TV work is based on solid business foundations as post my Uni. stint and throughout my TV career I worked as a marketer/entrepreneur and property developer.

I thrive on variety, it spices up my life and a colourful work path has seen me successfully branching out into journalism, modelling, voice over work, corporate jobs and another big love of mine is to host live events and award ceremonies.

I love to work, but am lucky to have a healthy work life balance so I like to travel, an awful lot! I’m currently splitting my time between Greenwich, Connecticut in America and London in the UK and am having so much fun living so close to two busy airports! Sailing, tennis, skiing and eating are also way up there on my fun scale!



  1. Dave from Euston!!

    Hey Melissa, great talkin to you the other day and good luck with the blog. Enjoy italia- ciao πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, you’ve come along way since our uni lectures almost 20 years ago! Really pleased to read about your progress. Hope it continues.

  3. Dan Downey

    Hi Melissa

    Just wanted to say thankyou for some inspiring words when you filmed our place in South Nutfield back in 2007 you were one of three people over the course of a year that said things which inspired me to get fit and live younger longer.
    In November 2008 I found a fantastic personal trainer and now have lost 25kg and I am one of the fittest members of my gym and have confidence that I have never before known.
    Thankyou nice people are in short supply these days I’m so glad to have met you.
    Take care
    Dan x.

    • LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it. Well done Mr. Am so chuffed for you (and slightly envious) 25kg is incredible. I’m 6 mths plus pregnant and will be enlisting your postive attitude post bambino! Am currently size of small African village. xxxxxx

  4. Dan Downey

    Congratulations that is fantastic news you must be so excited I genuinely wish you guy’s a world of happiness for the future.
    If you need any maize donations for that African village you have built just ask (:0)
    I have 8 kg to go for the end goal so the hard work doesn’t stop yet.
    Take care
    Dan x x x

  5. Lucinda Bawden

    OMG amazing news. Congratulations. No doubt you will have the most beautiful baby on the planet. Am hoping our paths will cross again one day soon. Lots of love. Lucinda

  6. Andy Baker

    Hi Melissa,
    decided to make yours the first blog that i read on a regular basis. Sounds articulate and intelligent. Very impressed with an article i read that you gave earlier on this year too in the Daily Mail talking about health matters and thyroid problems in particular.
    I have a disorder which affects my thyroid, as well as my pituitary and potentially my pancreas (MEN1), and last year had a couple of operations and now take medication daily for the condition.
    I have not heard about anybody else with a public profile who has talked about any of these issues, so congratulations and well done for heightening the profile of thyroid issues.

  7. Paul Darling-Wills

    Hi Melissa
    I hope that you don’t mind me writing, I just had to say how amazing I find you πŸ™‚
    I love reading your blog, your writing just “flows” and is totally captivating I also have to say, and I hope you don’t mind too much, that you are so incredibly beautiful…..jaw-dropingly so!
    Anyway, as I say, I just had to write, I had best go before I embarrass myself even more than I already have!
    Take care beautiful
    Paul x

    P.s. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year πŸ™‚

  8. rick conlon

    hello, I have watched you present several tv programmes over recent years and apart from being beautiful it appears evident you’re extremely intelligent so keep up the good, and happy, work. I was amazed to see you originate from didsbury, I live in northenden….blimey. Anyway, best wishes to you and your family, good health and the greatest of luck. rick c

  9. David Lane

    Melissa glad to see you back on tv even if its just on an advert have you got any new tv shows in the pipeline, hope you have a great day

    Dave the bobby

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