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The Meaning of Life.

I’m curious what the word inspiring means for you?  For a word to mean something to you, at some point you’ll have chosen to attach a story or belief to it to give your unique flavor, spice and seasoning.  My meaning of the word inspirational is awarded to any human who has overcome adversity by identifying a learned pattern of limiting behavior within of themselves, replacing it and then using their transformation to inspire others. My inspirational male tribe include; Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone and Ryan Blair. I’m curious what you view as inspirational?  Money? Looks? Type of school attended?  Some believe inspirational is a feeling while others associate it with objects.


You see there’s no right and wrong answer or meaning you can attach to any word.  What’s important is that you’re clear on the meaning –  you –  attach to words and situations.  Why?  Well the meaning you chose to attach can affect the quality of your life including your happiness.  Yes.  The meaning you chose to attach to a word will impact on your happiness and feeling fulfilled.   How?


Imagine these meanings (thoughts/beliefs/stories) of words swimming around in your body, like a pool filled with many different words. Now Imagine them all collectively hurtling down a windy wet water slide and watch for what pops out the other end in a gigantic splash!  It’s your choices.  Whoosh!  Our thoughts/meanings/stories and beliefs inspire our choices.  Simple.  So, each day we make thousands of choices, including simple ones that see us choosing whether we wish to take the fast pool slide, the bumpy version or to skip the slide all together.   It’s from these choices and our unique ride through the slide of our thoughts/meanings/beliefs and stories, we end up attracting specific experiences and certain types of people.


Let’s again continue with your meaning of inspirational.  If you were running the story (meaning/thought/belief) that to be inspiring equated to how much money you earn and you had made a choice to live as a nomad in a ram shackled caravan and off the welfare you might see how this incongruence would affect your happiness and wellbeing.  You’d spend your days judging and blaming yourself that you’ll never come to anything of value in your life.  That ‘inspirational’ people live in million dollar houses and not caravans.  Which is why it’s so important to challenge your thoughts/meanings/beliefs and stories to ensure they are of your unique flavor and not acquired from your parents/society etc.  The nomad was living a life created via an unstable foundation of faulty thinking.  He will never achieve true happiness as clearly his meaning/thoughts/beliefs/stories of what is inspirational, were learned from someone else and not of his own flavor.


Find your own flavors friends and avoid the infirm foundation of faulty thinking.




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