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How are You?




How are you?  Perhaps you’re at a point in life where you feel fulfilled and on track or maybe you feel stuck, angry, disappointed and frustrated?  Imagine if I told you it’s possible each day to feel like you’re the best of British, (regardless of your geographic origins.). Would you like to wake up each morning and just as your feet hit the floor, the excitement of your new day begins to build up inside of you?

It is possible, to each day feel like your best version of self and here’s some of my most favourite life hacks:


  • Accept that life will be filled with challenges, people and situations that push your buttons. The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your thinking in relation to these.
  • Understand life is a journey and the quality of your experience of this journey is the way you choose to approach life each minute of each day. Grumpy or grateful?
  • Become aware that the way you approach life is based upon your choices. To make no choice in a situation is a choice.  Your choices will be affected depending whether your thoughts are based on fear and scarcity or power and trust.
  • Consider the perspective we are not shaped by our environment but instead by the choices we make. The choices we make are inspired by our thoughts.  When we chose, love fueled thoughts e.g. powerful and with the knowledge we are safe and protected, our choices are affected positively and vice versa.
  • Our thoughts are personal to us and we can control, replace and challenge our thoughts. Some of our thoughts are learned from our childhood and once we become increasingly aware of which thoughts no longer serve us, we can replace with others that do.
  • To become increasingly aware of our thoughts we quiet our mind through various techniques such as meditation, walking in nature, eliminating sugar, stress and processed food from our lives. We exercise regularly and surround ourselves with people who inspire and support our transformation into daily happiness.  We choose to eliminate gossip, blame, shame and judgment from our life.  These are actions and behavior born from fear filled thoughts and don’t serve our bigger picture of achieving daily happiness.
  • Understand no is a complete sentence and you’re not required to justify or explain yourself unless you wish
  • Doing what you love and spending money and time on yourself is not selfish. Au contraire, it’s a selfless act of love that will see you become increasingly able to offer others more love and kindness because of your refreshed and fulfilled self.


I’m looking forward to bumping into your best self around Cheshire.  Much love and light.


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