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Is Fashion Flawless?



Two of my favourite fashionable folk are Lady Gaga and the late Steve Jobs. You might be thinking I’ve lost my marbles?  Gaga chooses to wear bacon while the late Gates showed up like he had no bacon.   In our fast-paced and often fickle world that sees fashion inspired colours and collections being replaced each season I’m most impressed by those individuals who play with their own unique style according to how it enhances their personality.   They appear to use apparel and accessories to embody and express the values they chose to live by.   I applaud those free styling outliers, who chose to be less influenced by the fear inspired way many of us appear to consume fashion.

Frills, metallic, studs and neons are all fun clothing embellishments and styles that embody the essence of fashion at different times.   But when this frilly fun factor is then cloaked by a commercial fear based agenda designed to make people subconsciously feel excluded and different e.g. not normal (mass populous fear is inspired through inducing feelings of lack, shame and self-loathing e.g. you are not good enough,) this is precisely what I don’t love about this industry. I am aware the fashion industry is a business whose objective is to drive sales, but this strategy is seemingly dismissive and disrespectful of the sometimes-related negative effect on men and women’s self-esteem and other associated behavioural challenges such as eating disorders and bullying.  The fashion magazines are notorious for featuring   computer enhanced images of slim line models. Why?  With the intention of shaming their audiences into believing the average size 14/16 is not ‘normal’.  I don’t love that I’m shamed into believing my breasts   are not ‘normal’ as are unable to defy gravity as per their featured super slim line model.  These stylized images tend to be coupled with a fear based sales story, designed to again subconsciously influence us into making a product purchase.  Offering an impartial blow by blow explanation why this seasons new push up, balconette beauty of a bra is a must have.  Right now!  You must have it!  Cue the mass panic to buy before this heavily featured item sells out or before the young kids in Bangladesh need to take a rest from the production lines which will then impact on supplies into stores.   Don’t forget the must have, pull me in, waist high revolutionary designed denim jeans never been seen before on anyone other than the legend of Taylor Swift.  Both jean and bra items are made available with frills, studs and a splash of neon.  Phew.  I wouldn’t want to stand out and be perceived as being unique in any form that sees me as individual and different.



Please don’t misunderstand me, I love feeling elegant.  I love great quality and well-fitting clothes.  What I don’t love is a commercial engine such as the fashion industry, shaming me into feeling like I’m not enough. Not thin enough.  Not cool enough. Not ruffled or metallized enough.

Enough is enough.  I am enough.  As are you.  Even when wearing four seasons old apparel with colours that serve to enhance the mood I wish to evoke for my day, vs colours, styles and shapes the brands have decided to make us feel we need to purchase from them.

(Feck fashion) If you can be anything, be a unique and individual version of you.  You’re incredible.


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