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Property Paradoxes

Some of you may be familiar with me from my days hosting property shows for different television channels.  Or perhaps I designed or bought a house for, or from you.  I’m obsessed with home design and would rather shop for property, than for clothes any day of the week.


My other passion, aside from property is people and their behaviour.   You might be surprised, but it’s possible to glean a lot of information about the way someone choses to live, from their choice of interiors.  Listen up.


The Elle decoration sheeples;

This tribe follow trends. To a T. Last season’s antique whites are replaced with the current trend for stiffkey blue and will soon be a distant memory once rose gold hits the stores.   This crew possess little creative imagination other than hiding Selfridges and Totties receipts from their significant others.  A lack of creativity is overshadowed by their resourcefulness to walk into select furniture ateliers (now world famous thanks to the unsung heroes of the design world aka Man. U and City footballers.) and to purchase entire staged furniture sections to reproduce as part of their regional version of Versailles.


These homes are ergonomically easy on the eye and aesthetically uncomfortable.  The bricks and mortar design/interiors are wired for admiration vs relaxation.  The sofas set the tone with their Botox inspired taut and wrinkle free appearance.  (That only a prick feels comfort from.)  With their surfaces, pristine and free of impact from the human torso, this is a home designed to be photographed by OK magazine.  Admired by individuals who consider money as an important measure of a person’s success.  The domain of the maleficent marriage.


The mismatched mosh pit;

This tribe set up their home as an invitation to love.  Colors and schemes are decided upon based on the inhabitant’s different individual’s needs and desires.  Pictures scatter atop tables, nestled within beloved frames that form memories of times spent experiencing precious moments.  Bed linen and sofas are purchased to inspire relaxation or sensuality depending on whose where and when.  Room layouts are dictated by the flow and feel of the humans who live and breathe within of its walls.  This home is a pulsating muscle that draws on love and good vibes.  With flowers and candles spilling their scents around randomly to remind every crevice it’s loved. The owners of the M and M pit, see their home as an opportunity to live, laugh and love within of it.


So, if you’re starting a relationship or new friendship and spot their sofa, I encourage you to take a pew and have a squish. (And please do be mindful to avoid the pricks.)


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