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Sticking to your New Year Resolutions



images-9.jpegHow are your New Year resolutions working out?  Are they starting to feel like a January to do list instead of goals?  Goals that by hook or by crook you’re going to smash at a defined moment in time because of detailed steps you devised to lock in that loving feeling? That loving feeling you get when you visualized your goal including potential obstacles you’re bound to come up against?  (That loving feeling involves you getting clear on the reason why? your goal is so important for you to achieve.)


Did you go boom or was it a bust with this year’s resolutions?  For any busts, the reason is simple to remedy should you desire.  You failed to get detailed and to define your reason why? – you didn’t want it bad enough.  These ingredients are the key to your success in achieving your goals.  The reason you may be either struggling or have already given up is because you made a resolution and didn’t get specific and you didn’t get clear on why it was so important to you to achieve what you set out to do or be.


You were wooly with your wishes and your why? and pussies generally don’t prosper. OK



I’m not here to shame or judge you and equally I’m not interested in dragging anyone towards their goal who doesn’t want it more than me.  I’m not perfect and what I do have is years of experience getting is so wrong that it eventually led me to the path of understanding the right way that works for me and maybe also for you too.   So, for anyone who hasn’t learned the right way to smash a goal and wants to learn, stay tuned. You’re in.


First step.  You need to want to achieve what you want more than anything else.  Become obsessed.  If you put a value against how much you want it and it’s less than 10/10 forget about it.  I want it for you 10/10 and you need to want it more than I want it for you if you’re serious about achieving that goal.  Take a mini moment right now and recall a time when you wanted something so bad.  Maybe it’s the dream job or you retrained in something that gave you goose bumps thinking about.  Think back to the process.  You have moments when you feel you’re going slightly crazy as can think of nothing else.  You start to live and breathe your vision and anyone you talk to becomes ideal for you to share the minutia details with.  And I’ll bet you got what you wanted.  All these threads of thinking and doing will lead you to reveal and get clear on your why?  Being obsessed and detailed is what it takes to achieve your goals.  Action vs procrastination. Decisions vs indecisiveness.



I recently spoke with a chap about what he wanted from a relationship and after he offered me up the general blancmange of being happy, loving, loyal wa-wa I asked him to de-chunk each requirement.  De-chunk?  Yes, getting specific with your personal goals as well as work goals is how any goal needs to rock and roll if you want to win it.  I’ve never known a fulfilled billionaire who got rich and content by having a wish washy why? and a woolly goal.    Fulfilled billionaires de-chunk daily.  They identify the end goal and work back to include the potential ways this might fail as well as succeed. They get detailed and in touch with the way they’ll feel different, when they achieve what they set out to. They understand their reason why? They have a clear and detailed set of plans and action points to get what they want.   For this to work, the goal needs to be attached to a time frame and it’s key to choose to be held accountable by reporting related progress at different junctures.


Finally, being rich, happy or thin is not a goal; £684 million in 5 years, having weekly therapy and decluttering friends with bad attitudes towards your work wa-wa, is the start of a juicy goal.  Keep going with the details and write it all down.




Simply saying you want to get thin, rich, be happy, quit smoking is not going to cut it.  Close your eyes for a minute and imagine Usain Bolt and his goal.  Do you imagine on 31st December he writes it down on a napkin, scrunches it into his pocket, sits back down and tucks back into a 7000-calorie piled plate of Iceland canapes?  I don’t think so.  To be named one of the world’s best athletes you have the mindset of a winner.  Usain Bolt will embody inside of himself all that is required to get what he wants externally from himself.  What does embody inside of himself mean?  His choices, intentions and thoughts will be laser focused towards supporting his commitment to him achieving his goal.  Do you imagine Usain having friends around him that want him to fail and seek to tempt him to skip training sessions?  I don’t think so.  His choice of friends will be recruited based around his desire to want to honor his goals.  Usain has integrity running through his blood and seeks to walk his talk by ensuring his life choices and thoughts all serve to support his bigger picture of his goals and dreams.  Surround yourself with supporters and get clear and resonant on your why?


Anything other than a clean mind and clean living serves to distract the matter of goal setting.


If you can be anything…adopt a clean mindset and clean living style like Usain Bolt.




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