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The Romance of Vacations




Imagine today you wake up from your delicious slumber to discover you won a holiday.  Hoorah? For some, a vacation is considered as a stressful time.  So, I’m creating some rules to ensure your trip is inspired based on you getting what you need.  Architecture? Adventure or perhaps relaxation?  Whatever makes your heart sing, you got it.


The rules; your budget is unlimited; you can take whomever you wish and there will be no consequences.  No one will judge you, blame or shame you.   You can travel wherever you wish in the world and for however long you chose.  (Please do drop your travel goal details in the comments section below this column.  Stay anonymous if it serves you).


This exercise involves you creating a personal reality based on what you need and want right now. I’ll go first.


I’m drawn to being quiet and tranquil.  It’s been a busy start to the year with my training and various business interests and my wish is to be enveloped within a place of wellbeing and warm energy.  I’d chose to travel with a fellow coach who embodies my same values of calm and compassion.  We’re both believers in the value of freedom and honor this within ourselves and each other. I’ve heard of an incredible wellbeing spa in Arizona called Miraval spa that is favored by Oprah and other spiritual beings.  It sits along one of the most powerfully energetic fault lines in our planet which has a whole range of health benefits. I’d chose for us to travel first class and to recharge for 7 days, door to door. Boom.


I’m also feeling like a little romance and would love to travel to the Hamptons in America with my love.  To sit and be silly together alongside the shoreline at Sag harbor.  Watching the boats bobbing across the wiggly waves.  To tuck into a fizzy glass of rose champagne and a lobster roll while seated at one of their beachside elegant restaurants.  Chatting, being silly and laughing about life, for 3 days.


I’d then take the jet to Florida and meet my beautiful son where we’d tour Disney land with his nanny, my mother and our favorite friends and family.  All expanses paid for and unlimited ice-cream.  We’d sleep in the Disney themed hotel, dress up in silly Mickey ears and zip around the park doing whatever my son wishes for.   This is a time for connection and fun.  Watching and learning more about what floats Pierce’s boats and makes him laugh from his belly.  4 days.


This is my version of romance.  When I’m as real as possible is when I feel alive and filled with love.  And when you’re not, it creates enormous unhappiness.


Happy travels.


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