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New Year: All Change





A new year is dawning in our not too distant future and this can be a key time for so many of us for so many different reasons.  Below I’ve answered some of the most common questions I get asked around this time of year.


I can’t afford.. a new party outfit/to throw a party/to celebrate the way my partner wants us to.

You obviously do have money as are alive and therefore have some money.  With the money you have, notice the different ways you chose to allocate your finances and consider if this month you might chose to spend less on something else in order to free up some money for an outfit/party.  When I hear people complain abut lack of money, I encourage them to notice that it has always been their choice how they chose to prioritise their finances. If you are choosing not to purchase a new outfit for a NYE party it may be because you have chosen different priorities for your money vs. the default thought you cannot afford it.    Less victim, more awareness of different choices available


When I look back over my year nothing’s changed.  Same partner, same life.

New work opportunities, new types of friends, new toys, and new experiences are all available to us when we change our thinking.  Change starts from the inside and then via our choices, affects what we see outside of ourselves.  Know that your thoughts affect your choices and these affect your experiences that affect your emotions and the cycle continues.  Nothing will change outside of yourself until you change your faulty thinking.  Hire a coach


I’m a loser. I have no party to go to NYE/No one to spend it with/I want to stay at home.

Your choices have got you right where you are and with this awareness you may well be your own version of a loser.  Or not.  Let this sentiment propel you into action.  The action of a new way of being.  A new way of thinking.  Whatever you’re choosing to do and think right now, do and think something completely different.  Maybe staying at home is the perfect loving choice for you.


I feel obliged to accept a party invitation for fear of upsetting the hosts.

But you’re happy to upset yourself?  The person you live with 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  I wonder how you self talk?  What are your beliefs? I must suck it up? Deal with it? Put up and shut up for the sake of peace?  This is the moment you need to get out of the way of yourself.  To stop blocking your own sparkle and to remove the mask of BS you chose to wear.  I dare YOU to courageously SUCK IT UP and decline the invitation and DEAL with the consequences like the powerful being you truly are.


Let your fireworks sparkle daily friends.  Have fun and feel passion in each and every moment.  See you in 2017.



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  1. Don Feiam

    Life certainly flies by! Have a great 2017 Melissa. Cheers from Melbourne Oz 😊

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