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Your dirty mind is making you fat – Not your food.




Food is not what’s making you fat, your mind is. Specifically your dirty thoughts.


The dirty mind, as defined by the urban dictionary..’Prone to seeing the kinky aspect of everything..’ This may be relevant for the Killing Kittens clique, but I’m referencing for you, a mind set vs. sexual orientation. My version of a dirty mind, for the purpose of this article, is a mind filled with unchallenged, learned, limiting beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve your current values, dreams, goals and plans. A cluttered mind filled with other peoples fear filled stories you’ve long ago chosen as your truths. Piled with stinky unresolved shame and guilt, this type of mind is the home of negative inner dialogue (the I should and I can’t tribe). An added burden to the stench from the thoughts, beliefs and stories of this filthy minded group of humans, is their related choices and behaviour. Prone to picking inappropriate partners, people pleasing in order to avoid confrontation, over eating, body shaming, having affairs and playing small in life. This type of behaviour is characteristic of the victim. The dirty minded version.



The clean mind is our ultimate way of being and preference. This tribe are characterised as the victors and seek fulfilment via their passionate way of being. Their clean mind contains a freshly laundered selection of beliefs and stories that serve them via a love inspired filter from which their powerful choices and intentional behaviour are born. This sparkly clean thinking tribe have ejected any learned and limiting beliefs such as I can’t and I should and replaced them with new beliefs designed to help them stretch and grow emotionally, spiritually and financially. I can and a deep understanding of their why, are drivers for their intentional behaviour. With a clean mind, regardless of shape, size or weight, they feel grateful and loving as self worth and esteem is always linked to being loving, accepting and kind. This tribe intuitively know what they feel like eating and exactly the amount to satisfy themselves without over filling. They make good food choices that serve to feed and nourish their soul and positive inner dialogue. They’re energised by the nutritious food they feed themselves. Why? Because this clean minded tribe hold a belief they deserve the best of a wonderful life.



Remember, if you are seeking happiness (it starts with a clean mind), looking for it via diets, plastic surgery, handbags and shoes is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches to your body.




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