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Bloody Foreigners



..Bloody foreigners..’


My late father disliked ‘foreign people’. On several occasions I took to highlighting his hypocrisy. Specifically that him being born in Italy and then choosing to reside in Cheshire, also made him a part of this same group he disliked. Apparently, Italians were not included. Why? Because they produced the best footballers, cars and food. Right. I took to explaining the genealogy of my mother, his wife. A blend of breeds including Czech, Polish and Austrian also residing in Cheshire. She was also exempt from his dislike, as was visually rewarding. I wondered how he felt about his kids, my sister and I, ‘biological mongrels’ at best. Silence. My late father was proof to me, that for some, 2 plus 2 makes 5.


To choose the company of one person vs. another based on their energy and behaviour is to be discerning and loving. To lump a bunch of humans into a group and proceed to collectively judge, loath and discriminate against them based on either their religious persuasion or geographical origins… all hail Trump.  My former American entrepreneurial dream, who doesn’t share my same affections toward Muslim’s, Mexican’s or Chinese. Unless they’re responsible for manufacturing his merchandise. As revealed by David Letterman in a recent CBS interview.


My article isn’t long enough to explore the beliefs and psychology of a fear filled, fear inducing bully, within a piece that is crafted to acknowledge and celebrate success and specifically that of Britain. That being the key point. Geographical origination is a dangerous criteria for differentiating, particularly where humans are concerned.   It breeds hate where for harmonies sake, only love truly lives. It harbours judgment where only compassion need thrive.


My 5-year-old son Pierce is my source of inspiration for a more loving world, less concerned by the judgments formed from our physical and geographical differences. He studies at a multicultural inspiring independent Cheshire based establishment. Where he’s happily adapted to his new practice of praying daily alongside his best friend and passionately creates cards to celebrate Diwali and many other diverse holidays.   So far, so good.


For me to celebrate products and people based on what I love is what’s relevant and important. My respect and attention belongs to all the people throughout our world who display behaviour born from integrity, honesty, passion and purpose. The individuals who lovingly lead by this behaviour being their example and feel compelled to bring their products and services to market despite the fear inspired judgment and nonsensical nuisance noise from the naysayers


This is the way, we will continue to make Britain even better and better.


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