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PORTER v Jones’s



I’m curious about your views on the Jones’s. Do you feel pressure to keep up with them or the latest trends? My son, Pierce and I were recently in LA at a kids club and he’d chosen to have his nails painted. Another child in the group found my son’s choice of activity most amusing and began laughing. It turned out the young boy believed it was only appropriate for girls to get manicures. OK.


To judge another human, assumes ‘I am better’ or conversely ‘I am worse than, so am deserving/entitled and effectively positions one party as the underdog e.g. the victim. This inferior and superior positioning breeds a belief that the world is filled with some more and some less competent individuals. I don’t buy this ego-fuelled theory. We each possess a unique set of equally valuable ways of being and doing. A view my recent date will likely disagree with.


Picture the scene. I’m enamored enough to take a trip with him. He’s irreverent, has an excellent work ethic and is a skilled and kind philanthropist who loves kids. TICK TICK.   I’m excited to be eating inside of Yacht club de Monaco, overlooking the bobbing bateaus’. It’s a rare weekend I get a well-deserved chance to play dress up away from my usual life as a single mum.


On this evening, we’re attending an investor dinner with a group that included a mix of his pals so I decide to wear my new Emanuel Ungaro cobalt blue floor length evening dress. The energy of this event is intoxicating and intimate. Up until my date compliments my apparel efforts, asking where I’d bought it. Cue the dark piano music. ‘TKMax’! He balked then asked I not share these details at our dinner. TOCK.


Our world doesn’t need more judgy types who feel superior or inferior. We need more lovers. More boys content to sport pink nails that inspire others to do what the feck they fancy and to encourage a supportive, collaborative smile from the face of others.   I urge you to congratulate the Jones’s on their new shiny Sunseeker vs. to judge them or yourself. Then to move on to the more important work of enriching your life so that each day is fulfilling and fantabuluous. Especially when donning TKMax last season in the South of France!


Melissa is a professional certified transformational life coach.

To schedule a free 30min sample coaching session contact me: 07887 852 099


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