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  1. doghouse

    Worrying about mood tracker mouse mats – their messages and meanings – could lead one to start talking about oneself in the third person. And that would be crazy!

    As Winston Churchill once said: ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

    Tell your friend to move on. And get back on the box. Where they’re much missed.

  2. LOL – yeah I think I’d have the same two responses. In my head I’d be thinking, “Hey, he bought you a gift – be nice about it!” (Though I’d also wonder what message buying your gf a mood mouse mat is supposed to send!), but I’d probably say something a little more “gentle”. But if the “friend” continued to moan about it, I’d simply point out that “multimillionaire, devilishly handsome and super intelligent boyfriend[s]” can pretty much choose who they buy gifts for, so you might want to ‘ave a word with yourself! (Unless of course, she is a “multimillionaire, devilishly beautiful and super intelligent girlfriend”?)
    “find yourself another Sugar daddy you money grabber” would also be an excellent riposte 😉

  3. Zarah

    Honestly, I think that if one is focused on what type of gifts they are getting their head is not in the right place to start with. In my humble opinion, you should not be in a relationship soley to recieve things. If he is, as you say, super intelligent and devilishly handsome, that in itself is a present. I mean honestly, that combination is not easy to find. That couple with multi-millions, is nothing to shake a stick at. So what if he got you a mouse pad, perhaps it is a test to see how you respond to the unexpected…after all men know what women like, and if your response is right perhaps the next present will be in a little blue box!

  4. Love your honesty…would love to know of your experience and opinion of James Martin. 🙂
    Absolutely loved reading your blog, amusing, intelligent and refreshingly honest.
    I look forward to your reply.

    Love your work,
    stay safe
    love Valerie 🙂

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